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Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 Review

A new review has been posted for the Zaurus SL-C750. This PDA (as are all C-7xx PDAs) is only available in Japan through Sharp, but the folks at Dynamism.com have translated the OS and applications into English, provide lifetime warranty, etc.

This is a detailed and very favorable review of the device (actually, all reviews I've read have been quite favorable, but some others tended to be a bit more reserved), and is well well worth the read if you're currently considering a new PDA.

Here's the full review.

Opie GUI/PIM project releases version 1.0

Sorry for the severe lack of updates over the last couple of months. Been busy with some work for LOULUG. Here's a fresh batch of news, though, beginning with...

The Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) Project has announced version 1.0. Opie originated as a fork of of Trolltech's Qtopia, but based on these screenshots, seems to already have surpassed it.

Opie is designed to run on all Linux PDA's, and already includes packages for Zaurus, iPAQ, and SimPad.

More information can be found on Opie's home page.

AMD Researchers Detail New High Performance Transistors

Researchers at Advanced Micro Design released details on new high-performance transistors that will be used as a building block for future microprocessor designs.

Using a combination of two new technologies, metal gates (made from Nickel Silicide) and fully-depleted silicon-on-insulators (FDSOI), researcher were able to demonstrate up to a 30% performance gain over today's transistors.

Much more information can be found in the Full story.

From PlayStation to Supercomputer

C|Net is carrying a story about researchers from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications that have assembled a supercomputer from 70 PlatStation 2 console systems.

The resulting system, with components purchased at retail prices, cost a little more than $50,000. Researchers at the supercomputing center believe the system may be capable of a half trillion operations a second, well within the definition of supercomputer, although it may not rank among the world's 500 fastest supercomputers.

Full story

Embedded Linux "Cool Devices" Quick Reference Guide

This reference guide contains a categorized listing of various embedded Linux devices, including PDAs, mobile and IP phones, entertainment devices, tablet PCs, access points, and other devices the defy categorization. It also includes a special do-it-yourself category.

Information about most devices contains pictures, descriptions, and specifications. Check it out.

Embedded Linux Reference Guide

64 Reasons to Opt for Linux

This article discusses the current market push to 64-bit computing, and how Linux's flexability and portability make it an ideal choice for whatever new hardware platform is chosen.

While the title emphasizes Linux, the article itself mainly delves into 64-bit computing, including the current players, the history and future directions of 64-bit computing, and a great comparison of the different 64-bit architectures available. If you haven't read much on this subject yet, this is a great intro.

Full Story

Manufacturers use Intel compilers to make AMD Opterons fly

It seems like AMD might have a leg up on Intel on this one... and apparently the system integrator who did this also sells Itanium and Xeon systems.... and says that he gets significantly better performance from Opterons

Of course you have to compile the binaries on a Xeon machine... thats the catch

Read the article[The Inquirer]