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Intel relases open source software that can read lips

This article caught my eye... especially since everyone is focusing on speech recognition and such.

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OH HELL FREAKIN' YEAH!!! (or, First Ogg Vorbis Hardware Player)

Finally! I read some initial announcements about this on xiph.org a while back, but I never did see anything about it from Neuros (the manufacturer) until now. Strangely, though, the press release appears to have been up for 2 months. Wonder how I missed it before...

Anyway, it basically says that Neuros and xiph.org are working together on adding Ogg Vorbis playback support to Neuros hardware devices, as well as native Linux support. Nice.

The updates will be available to existing Neuros owners through a firmware upgrade, and are targetting a Spring '03 release date.

Read the full press release for any additional details, and check out the Neuros player while you're there. It actually looks to be a very capable device, and I'm looking forward to purchasing it the very day Ogg support is officially added.

Apple and AMD working together, claims senior AMD official

Well, if you read the article you'll see that it's not exactly a confirmation, but it's the strongest evidence yet that Apple and AMD are working together. Worth a glance.

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AMD rolls dice on Opteron chip

Yes, it's a day late, but certainly worth mentioning. Yesterday, AMD formally launched Opteron, their 64-bit server and workstation processor. Unlike Intel's Itanium, however, Opteron also natively supports 32-bit code, which will make migrating to the new platform easier and much cheaper.

Read the full article on CNet for additional details about the technology behind the chip:

Sun Likely to Use AMD's Opteron Processor

Sun has been testing AMD's Opteron for the past few months, and they seem fairly happy with it. No guarantee that they'll use it, but this story alone is good news and quite an endorsement for AMD.

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Dell Takes the Low Road Regarding Ink Cartridges

This is an update to the story below. Dell includes a hardware sensor that detects refilled ot 3rd-party ink cartridges, and refuses to allow use of them. So, either buy a separate printer, or expect to pay out of the ass for ink cartridges for your Dell printer.

For more information , see the Slashdot post or the original Yahoo article

Dell Offers Self-Branded Printer Line

Apparently, all of the year+ old rumors are true - Dell will begin selling its own printer line next week. According to C|Net, Dell has two goals in mind: boost it's own sales, and hurt archrival HP. HP, you might remember, snubbed Dell last year when the rumors of a Dell-branded printer line first surfaced. Dell, it seems, is still rather pissed about that.

This move, combined with their decision to begin selling Dell-branded PDAs last fall, makes for some interesting times at Dell.

You can read the full article here: