gobeProductive to be released under the GPL

According to this osnews article, gobeProductive is going to be released under the gpl. gobeProductive is an office suite that is multiplatform... so here is another option for Linux and Windows users.

Read the article here

OpenOffice 1.1 Beta

OpenOffice 1.1 Beta is now available for download.

For those unfamiliar with it, OpenOffice is a free, open-source, cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Mac OSX) office suite. I've been using it pretty exclusively for a while now, and it's quite capable. It does have a few rough spots (as of 1.0.2 - I haven't tried this new beta yet), but it can definitely replace other well-known expensive and proprietary office suites. Check it out.

Mozilla Updates

Both of these have been posted to Slashdot already, but it's worth mentioning here as well.

First of all, Mozilla 1.4a has been released. See the Release Notes for more information.

Second, it seems the Mozilla organization is making a radical change of direction with their latest development roadmap update. The two major highlights:

  • Mozilla is dropping the integrated Mozilla suite after 1.4, and instead releasing a componentized Mozilla based on the Phoenix web browser and the Minotaur mail client
  • More focused development and refinement of the Gecko rendering engine

In-depth Technical Review of Red Hat Linux 9

Guru Labs has posted a review of the Red Hat Linux 9 Technical Changes. Any Red Hat users should read this to see what the next version has in store for them.

Sony PlayStation 3 may run on Linux

Sony appears to be considering using Linux as the core OS for its upcoming PlayStation 3. Of course, Linux is already available for the PlayStation 2 as an add-on, but this would mean that Linux will run natively on the PS3, and most likely be the game environment as well.

Now, this is pure speculation, but if the PlayStation 3 is indeed based on Linux, and games are written for Linux on the PS3, it seems like it should be pretty easy to port it to Linux on the PC. Now how cool would that be!

Microsoft takes on Iraq

In this article on BBspot, Microsoft has announced that it will be conducting its own version of psy ops against the Iraqis by giving them outdated versions of Windows 95, and modifying the BSOD to look like the american flag.

O'Reilly Hacks

Sorry for the lack of news lately - I've been hard at work on other parts of the site. Too bad most changes I made aren't even noticeable unless you know what to look for...

Anyway, I have a few new articles for everyone. To kick things off, I wanted to mention the new O'Reilly Hacks Series of books. Each book in the series contain 100 hacks, or "tools, tips, and tricks that help users solve problems." I just bought Linux Server Hacks and Google Hacks, and so far I'm quite impressed. Well worth checking out if you're looking for some new reading material.