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Can Ogg Vorbis change digital audio?

NewsForge has a very interesting article on Ogg Vorbis, covering what it is, why it was developed, and where it's headed. It also includes some information about it's main competitors, Thomson Multimedia's MP3 codec, and Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (wma) codec.

Overall, it's quite educational, and a worthy read. Here's the Full story.

Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Released

The first version of the newly-braded has been released. Here are the Release Notes (including the download link), why you should use Mozilla Firebird, and a very useful Mozilla Firebird Help site (including many great tips and tricks).

Mozilla 1.4 beta is here!

The new beta for mozilla has been released... i hope they've added some more stuff.

Here's the link Released

"Note: 1.0.3 has a bug printing to a non-default printer. Please upgrade immediately to if you are affected by this bug. A small patch to resolve this issue will be available shortly."

Download here

OpenBSD 3.3 Released

OpenBSD 3.3 was released today.

Release information

Download mirrors

Open Source and Open Standards

There's an interesting story on O'Reilly's today about the importance of both Open Source and Open Standards in the software world. This is a counter to Jonathan Schwartz's argument that open standards are more important that open source, but it brings up several great points in addition to a rebuttal.

Full story

Getting rid of the OpenOffice splash screen

Robin Miller wrote a great little article on removing the splash screen that appears while OpenOffice (and StarOffice) loads. This is something that has frequently annoyed me, since it takes up the majority of the screen and cannot be pushed to the background, preventing you from doing any other work while waiting.

Read the full article below for all the details, but the short answer is to edit your global sofficerc file in Linux (soffice.ini in Windows), and change "Logo=1" to "Logo=0" in the [Bootstrap] section.

Thanks for the tip!

Full story