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Administer Linux on the Fly

This IBM developerWorks article is thorough guide to using the /proc filesystem to administer a Linux system. If you're unfamiliar with everything /proc is capable of doing (as I am), this is a must read.

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KDE 3.1.2 released

Open-Source Crowd Irked by SCO

I think this may have been mentioned on Slashdot recently, but it deserves mention here as well. The SCO vs. IBM lawsuit isn't anything new, but this article does the best job I've seen yet of presenting all arguments against the SCO lawsuit in a tidy, professional manner. Definitely worth a read.

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Linux Migration Quick Reference

I recently came across this cheat-sheet-style site, and it seems to be really well done. It's geared towards Red Hat Linux, but most of the guides can be applied to other distributions as well. Check it out.

Linux Migration Quick Reference

A New Distro in Town: Gentoo Emerges Victorious

A new review of Gentoo Linux is online at It provides a good introduction to Gentoo for those not already familiar with it, and overall it's a fair and accurate summary of the Gentoo experience.

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Code red for open source?

Despite earlier claims that IP-violating code was not found in the kernel, only the periphery apps and components, SCO is now claiming that they have indeed code in the Linux kernel that violates their agreement with IBM. As usual, they refuse to cite examples.

Chief SCO jackass Darl McBride goes on to say, "We're finding ... cases where there is line-by-line code in the Linux kernel that is matching up to our UnixWare code... We're finding code that looks likes it's been obfuscated to make it look like it wasn't UnixWare code - but it was."

Oh yes, of course it was. Nevermind the fact that both SystemV UNIX (which SCO owns) and Linux are BOTH derivitives of earlier versions of UNIX. Do you think it just might be possible that, somewhere along the line, a Linux developer came up with a similar idea for doing something as the SystemV developers?


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SuSE 8.2 Review

SuSE 8.2 was released a few days ago, and The Register gives it a favorable review. No screenshots included, but at this point I'm sure we can guess what the desktop looks like.

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