Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish all of my visitors a happy new year. I haven't posted much lately, but rest assured, I'm still alive. :-) I hope all of you have a safe and happy new year.

November 13th

LegRoom E-Mail Access Temporarily Unavailable

Beginning at about midnight on Friday night / Saturday morning (11/14), I'm taking down the e-mail server for some maintenance and upgrades. In the process I'm going to be copying mail to a new location, so I don't want any new mail coming in during that process as it may get dropped.

Once the upgrade is complete and the new configuration is properly tested, I'll bring the mail server back up. This should be done by Saturday afternoon. I'll post an update here once it's complete.

Update 11/14 04:00: E-mail is back up.

November 8th

Major Website Upgrade

I just (mostly) finished a major upgrade of the website backend (Drupal, for those who are curious). Although the site should look and feel the same, I had to make some pretty substantial changes to complete the upgrade. As a result, some parts of the site may not look the same, some functionality may be different or missing, etc. Please notify me ASAP if you find any problems. Some examples:

  • Glitches or general ugliness in the web site layout (I had to upgrade the theme as well, which has had only very limited testing)
  • Broken links
  • Missing components/pages (eg., webmail, dailystrips, etc.)
  • Permissions problems / Access Denied errors on certain pages (again, webmail, dailystrips, etc.)
  • Problems with dailystrips - this is the first (and so far only) personal module that I've converted. I think everything's working properly, but please let me know if you find any issues so I can address them as I port the other modules
    • As an added bonus, I also updated the definition for Penny Arcade, so that should now (finally) be working again

The following issues are currently known:

  • bookmarks, metasearch, ssh, sysinfo, and wishlist modules are missing - these all need to be upgraded, and the SSH and sysinfo modules probably won't make a return at all
  • Web site glitches and general ugliness - I know that there are a number of issues with the theme as things stand currently. It'll take me a while to find and work out all the kinks again. However, please still report any issues you find, as it may be something I haven't noticed.

October 30th

GMail No Longer Accepted for Forum Registration

Due to the ever-growing number of spam posts on my forum from GMail accounts, I've had to disable the ability to use GMail addresses when registering for a new account on this site. If you're a (legitimate) GMail user trying to register for this site, I'm afraid you'll need to use an alternate e-mail address from now on. Existing accounts are not affected.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 11/03/2009:
Apparently this was affecting existing accounts. I was just notified of this problem and removed the block. I'll need to find another way to address this. If you were having trouble logging in recently and received the error message, "The name username is registered using a reserved e-mail address and therefore could not be logged in," you should now be able to login again. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

October 4th

Convert to FLAC 2.1.1 Released

I just pushed out an updated Convert to FLAC release to fix a bug involving spaces in filenames. Again. In my defense, though, the root cause is completely different this time, and was limited to only APE or TTA input files (it was due to an odd way I had to deal with output redirection on some of the conversion commands). I've renamed my test files to include spaces, so hopefully this shouldn't happen again. Twice is definitely enough.

For more information:
Convert to FLAC home page and downloads
Convert to FLAC ChangeLog

Feedback and Support

September 27th

Convert to FLAC 2.1 Released

I just uploaded a new version of Convert to FLAC. Aside from a handful of bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements, the big new features in this release are:

  • Support for converting multiple files concurrently (see the -t option)
  • Support for using ffmpeg as an alternative decoder (see the note about this on the convtoflac page for details and caveats)
  • Support for optionally sending input files to your "trash" after completion (as opposed to leaving or deleting them); this relies on trash-cli

The concurrency support is really the main driver for this release. If you have a dual- or quad-core system, you should upgrade to 2.1 ASAP. This sucker really flies now. :-)

For more information:
Convert to FLAC home page and downloads
Convert to FLAC ChangeLog

Feedback and Support

August 23rd

Miscellaneous Scripts Section Added to Site

I justed added a section for miscellaneous script section to my Software page. These are various scripts that I've written over the years for my own use, but I'd like to share them with others that may be able to benefit from them. Please note, however, that unlike the other applications I've released on my site (UniExtract, Convert to FLAC, etc.), these scripts are much less polished and robust. Please keep this in mind and review source code running any of them.

Right now there are only a handful of scripts there, but there are plenty of more that I'd like to add when I get the time (some require a little more cleanup than others).

To review and download the scripts:
Miscellaneous Scripts

Feedback and Support